A uniquely modular composite material solution

Configurable coatings, materials, resins, shapes and bonding solutions are available.

Proudly serving a wide variety of industries and OEM markets. Urubide is configurable to a virtually unlimited degree including size, shape, resistances, thermal properties and mechanical performance thresholds.

Types of Composites

and composite materials

There are three basic types of composites and composite materials:

polymer matrix composites (PMC)
ceramic matrix composites (CMC)
metal matrix composites (MMC)

Most industrial composites use a two part resin system consisting of a catalyst or curing agent and a resin. The matrix will also contain fiber reinforcements that strengthen finished parts. Advanced composites may also use high-performance resin systems, high-strength, high-stiffness fiber reinforcements and core materials. In some cases, an advanced composite will provide electrical properties such as insulation or conductance. Some composites will also have beneficial thermal resistances as is the case with Urubide.