Urubide Composites

Urubide is a highly configurable custom composite material with shifting mechanical, physical and resistance properties.

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Tradition &

Our name is on the line. Literally.

We believe strongly in putting our reputation on the line with every solution we provide. At Urubide Industrial Composites we put our name on the line every time we send our custom fabricated composites to a client. If you have an problems with the composite solution call us immediately and we will make it work.

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Markets We Serve:

Industrial Composite Supplies
Marine Carbon Fiber Solutions
Aerospace Composite Fabrication
Custom Composite Molds
Composite PrototypingCustom Composite Coatings
And More!

Urubide Industrial Composites Services Canada, The United States, Mexico, and South America. We are currently seeking a qualified distribution partner for Europe, Asia and Africa.